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Last Episode Of Doraemon Cartoon – The Final Part – Comic

Doraemon Last Episode – The Final Part

Doraemon, Doraemon Last Episode
Doraemon Last Episode

About Doraemon Series – Doraemon Is Comic Based Anime Which Is Written By Mr. Fujiko F Fujio. After Some Time Doraemon Comic Is Converted In Animation.
About Doraemon – Doraemon is a main character in the Doraemon series and Doraemon’s date of birth is 3 September 2112 Doraemon is an AI based computer robot that is very advanced and Doraemon’s model number is MS903 and its body color is blue. Doraemon is Cat Robot, but he’s always scared of mice. Doraemon has come from the future to help Nobita, and Doraemon comes of age in the 21st century – 91 years. Doraemon loves to eat Dora cake.  Doraemon is always helping Nobita with the help of his gadget.

Story Line Of Doraemon Last Episode

As usual, Nobita arrives to ask Doraemon for help. When he opens the door to his room, he sees Doraemon lying on the ground.  Nobita tries to wake up Doraemon, but Doraemon doesn’t wake up and Doraemon says nothing, which causing Nobita to get very upset and not understand what he should do, so Nobita calls to Dorami with the help of Time TV. Then Nobita tells Dorami that Doraemon has been lying on the ground for a long time and he’s not getting up.  Dorami listens to Nobita and says that perhaps Doraemon’s battery has been exhausted. After hearing this, Nobita relax and tells Dorami, so we replace the battery of Doraemon. Dorami tells to Nobita that Nobita; Changing the battery of Doraemon is not so easy because the battery of Cat Type Robot is in their ears and my brother Doraemon has lost his ears before and if we change the battery of Doraemon, then Doraemon may forget all his memory. After hearing this, Nobita says how can the memory be lost by changing the battery, only then Nobita tears in her eyes. Dorami tells Nobita that Doraemon is the robot of the old model, while giving energy, it may be that Doraemon’s memory can be lost.

doraemon, doraemon last episode
Doraemon Last Episode

After listening to this, Nobita tells Dorami that now enough, I am going to the future factory And as soon as Nobita opens the time machine, there is a blast in it, due to which Nobita falls a little farther. Nobita says to Dorami, where is the time machine from here Dorami, Dorami says. Nobita is a time machine banned in your time, now you cannot come to the future. Dorami is also says that Nobita I tried very hard to come in your time, but the Time Patrol stopped me there, now because of this I can not even come in your time. Nobita tells Dorami that Dorami now tell me what I should do. After a while he says to the Dorami, Dorami I re-engage Doraemon’s ears, which will help Doraemon to recover again and not lose his memory. Nobita says that I take out a gadget from Doraemon’s pocket right now, then Dorami says to Nobita that Nobita you can’t use Doraemon’s pocket because Doraemon is not working, because of that you don’t use his pocket either. and we are both able to talk to each other on time TV, this is a very big thing. then Nobita speaks screaming, then call Doraemon’s Creator then Dorami says that Nobita Doraemon’s Creator is also unable to find a treatment of doraemon because they also seeing this kind of condition at first time. Then Dorami tells Nobita that we have only two ways, Nobita, the first is that I will come in your time, if time petrol allows it, then I change  the battery of Doraemon or else the time petrol itself will go there and change the battery of Doraemon but Doraemon’s memory erased and Doraemon will be fine and  new Doraemon given to. The other way is that you have to wait when new technology comes in future, then we can fix Doraemon from it. Then Nobita’s mother calls Nobita that Nobita dinner is ready, then Nobita’s father says that no one has answered. Nobita’s mother says maybe Nobita and Doraemon have fight again because both of them are not coming. On the other side Nobita sitting in him room, and looks a Doraemon and talks to Doraemon saying that you know Doraemon you came on the day it was New Year and that day I was very surprised to see you and when you told me you are not a raccoon dog you are a cat robot, I was very laughing to hear this thing, Doraemon you always  help to me, but I never thanked to you properly.

goodbye doraemon, doraemon
Goodbye Doraemon

Doraemon Do you know how much we traveled together, sometimes in the past and sometimes in the future. And we always fighting to each other but we again become friends like before, after saying this, Nobita tears up in her eyes. Nobita starts crying. Nobita says to Doraemon, Say something doraemon Many years pass. Nobita arrives at the high school. We see many students standing to see their marks Nobita comes and leaves from there, after seeing his marks. Later, Dekisugi and Shizuka come and check their marks, then they see that Nobita’s score is too much in the class. Then Shizuka comes to Nobita and tells Nobita, Congratulations, you have topped in class as usual. Nobita says thank you Shizuka but But I don’t care about these marks, I just need knowledge and I have learn a lot of things right now Shizuka says to Nobita, you have worked hard, so why don’t we go out and celebrate it today. Nobita says to Shizuka; Shizuka no I have a lot of work at home today, so if you have a plan to celebrate so you both go. And I will come with you next time. And Nobita goes from there Shizuka tries to stop Nobita, but Nobita go from there.  Dekisugi says to Shizuka. Nobita has changed a lot. Shizuka says to Dekisugi while shouting. I know Nobita considers herself alone but he is our friend so we cannot leave him alone no matter how lonely he is. Do you understand. This is our duty and Nobita has changed since Doraemon left. Shizuka says that I cannot leave Nobita alone in this condition. Shizuka says that I will definitely bring Nobita on a picnic with me and Shizuka leaves from there.

doraemon last episode, doraemon
Doraemon And Nobita

The scene changes, we see all the people were quite grown up. Gian Suneo and Dekisugi are sitting and talking among themselves, then Dekisugi says that we don’t know we will be able to bring Doraemon back. Because our country is developing very slowly. Dekisugi gets up from his place and tells Gian and Suneo that I tell you about a top secret today. If our invention is successful today, our whole world will change but there is a lot of danger in this. Gian says which invention and engineer are you talking about.  Suneo says that I know which engineer Dekisugi is talking about. Dekisugi says that all this was already decided now the future of this country rests on a 35 year old man. On the other hand, Shizuka, who has grown so much, she comes to call Nobita. Shizuka stands near Nobita’s lab and calls Nobita. Nobita where are you, honey let’s go , honey. then the sound comes from inside the lab, Shizuka, you come inside. Shizuka says to Nobita but you said that there is danger inside the lab. Nobita says you just come inside. Shizuka sees Doraemon in a box and Shizuka goes to the little surprised looking at Doraemon then Nobita presses the button of a machine and some energy goes inside Doraemon. After a while Doraemon slowly wakes up Doraemon looks at Nobita and says, Nobita, did you do your homework or not? And we see Nobita and Shizuka have tears in their eyes.

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