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Ninja Hattori

40 Unknown Facts About Ninja Hattori | Ninja Hattori Facts | Red Army

 Unknown Facts About Ninja Hattori

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Facts About Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori Facts

1) Ninja Hattori is 11 years old.

2) Ninja Hattori First appear in I’m Ninja Hattori Episode.

3) Ninja Hattori’s Father Name is Jinchu Hattori.

4) Ninja Hattori Height is 140 cm and weight is 40kg.

5) Ninja Hattori’s village name is Iga Town.

6) Yumeko is the crush of Kenichi.

7) Kenichi is a good photographer.

8) Kenichi’s Father name is Kentaro Mistuba.

9) Kenichi Dislikes Carrots and Tomato.

10) Shishimaru likes chocolate roll.

11) In One Episode Ninja Hattori appear in Perman episode and sometimes he also appears in doraemon Episode.

12) There is two colab movies of Ninja Hattori and Perman.

13) Kenichi is 11 years old.

14) Kenichi will Marry with Yumeko is future.

15) Tsubame has a serious crush on Ninja Hattori. she wanted to marry with Ninja Hattori in future.

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Ninja Hattori

16) Kenichi’s mom name is Takae Mistuba.

17) Kagechiyo ( Kiyo ) is male ninja cat.

18) Kagechiyo ( Kiyo ) produced electricity by rubbing him.

19) Full Name of Amara is Kemuzou Kemumaki.

20) Kemuzou Kemumaki ( Amara ) is also 11 years old.

21) Kemuzou Kemumaki ( Amara ) Always trie to impress Yumeko.

22) Kenichi’s teacher name is Mr. Koike.

23) Mr. Koike’s Favorite hobbies is collecting Butterflies.

24) Aiko-Sensei ( Aiko Ma’am ) Is the musical teacher of Yumeko, Kenichi, and Amara.

25) Mr. Koike Always Tries to impress miss Aiko. Aiko Ma’am is the crush of Mr. Koike.

26) Jippo is a partner Ninja Hattori in Iga town.

27) Jippo is Giant Ninja Turtle.

28) Shinzo is a younger brother of Ninja Hattori and his age between 5 to 8 years.

29) Robert is also a ninja.

30) There are 5 members in Ninja Hattori Family.

31) Ninja Hattori First movie released 13 March 1983

32) There is only four movies of Ninja Hattori is released.

33) There is only 694 episodes of ninja Hattori and 11 are special episodes.

34) In September 28, 1981 first episode of Ninja Hattori is released in japan.

35) Soman real name is Tsubame-ko.

36) In 2011 New episode of ninja Hattori was made by Indian and Japanese company. and the name of new series is Ninja Hattori Kun Returns.

37) Sometimes Ninja Hattori also appear in Doraemon Series.

38) Ninja Hattori Also written by Mr. Fujio F Fujio.

39) Ninja Hattori’s father also appear in Perman series.

40) Torejuro is the professor.

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