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Spiderman No Way Home – New Trailer

Spiderman No Way Home – New Treasure

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Spiderman No Way Home
Guys, a new trailer of spider man no way home has arrived, the trailer looks amazing, we can expect that this movie is going to be very interesting. The concept we are shown in the movie combining Doctor Strange and Spiderman look amazing after watching the trailer, this movie is going to be released in December this year i.e. on Christmas Day.

Treasure Breakdown

In the trailer, we are shown that Peter parker and MJ are lying on a roof, perhaps both of them were escaping from the world, in the next scene we see the whole world comes to know that Peter Parker is Spiderman. Peter Parker is arrested by the police and interrogating him why did you kill Mysterio. Parker says that mysterio has not been not killed by me those drones killed mysterio then the police officer says that those drones belong to you the whole world know that Peter Parker is a Spiderman. Due to which Peter Parker gets very upset and goes to Doctor Strange to ask for help, Peter Parker says that you do something that everyone forgets about me that i am the Spiderman, Doctor strange helps him. but they make a mistake due to which the paths of many Multi Universes are opened, due to which the creature of other planet attack on the earth.