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The Real Story Behind Doraemon – Doraemon Real Story

The Truth Behind Doraemon

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Real Story of Doraemon

In childhood, you must have seen Doraemon once or you must have heard the name of Doraemon once, Doraemon cartoon is very different in itself.  Its storyline is very different from other cartoons, in this cartoon we are shown a robot named Doraemon who comes from the 22nd century in the past to help Nobita. Nobita is a lazy boy who does not do his own work, Doraemon comes in the past to help him, but do you guys know what is the truth behind Nobita, then I will tell you this thing in this post, so post without delay  let’s start.

About Doraemon

Doraemon is a Japanese animation show created by TV Asahi. Doraemon’s writer is Mr. Fujiko F. Fujio. Mr. Fujiko F. Fujio has written a lot of cartoons, one of which is the cartoon Doraemon.

Truth Behind Doraemon

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Sad Doraemon

Story begins with Nobita, we see Nobita is very sick and he is always lying on his bed he was suffering with mental illness ( Schizophrenia ) due to which he is unable to do anything one day Nobita’s friends bring a doll for Nobita who looks exactly like Doraemon. Nobita looks at the doll lying on his bed and begins to make up a story in his own mind of Doraemon, and he thinks he is fine again and he can walk Nobita thinks of more imaginary things. That a robot has come from the future to help him whose name is Doraemon and he has many gadgets, with the help of the same gadgets, Doraemon helps Nobita in every problem, all these things Nobita thinks in his mind which is completely fictional and what I am going to tell next is Hearing this, you may be thinking even more because this story is not common, this story was also published in 1973 in a manga and according to that this story was the last episode of doraemon but on today’s time this story is not the last episode of doraemon so this is the truth behind Doraemon, do you guys believe it, then you guys must tell by commenting, but let me tell you that this story is completely fictional even though this episode was declared as the last episode but it  Doraemon is not true. The original writer of Doraemon is Mr. Fujiko F Fujio who wrote Doraemon when he was the poorest. One day when he comes home at night, he falls asleep at his desk while he works and Mr. Fujiko F Fujio has a dream in which he sees a robot from the 22nd century come to help Nobita of this dream. The reason he wrote Doraemon is because the original author of Doraemon is Mr. Fujiko F Fujio.


Friends, this was the truth behind doraemon, there have been many such last episodes of doraemon that you will find on YouTube, in which many types of Doraemon’s last episodes are told which are absolutely fan made.

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