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Eren Yeager All Titans Forms and Their Powers

Eren All Titan Forms and Power of Titans

Eren Yeager is one of the main protagonists in Attack on Titan. He lived with his parents in Shiganshina District until fall of wall Maria in Attack of the Titans, after which his mother is eaten by a Titan in the front of him, which leads to Eren start Hating titans and he vows that he will fight with titan as long as he lives so that he can wipe all titans from the earth

Attack on titan hd wallpaper, Aot season 4 part 3

In starting of attack on Titan, eren always curious to know about outside world he always happy and plays with his friends Mikasa and Erwin but after fall of wall maria, his mother was eaten by the titan. eren’s personality was changed after that eren’s personality is described as hardhead strong willed strong determination. Eren is always ready to do anything to protect mankind who lives behind the walls at any cost eren always tries to protect their friends he always treats his friends like they are his family.

Eren All Titan Forms

Eren have 5 form of titans
1) Normal Titan 
2) Attack Titan 
3) Founding Titan 
4) Pure Founding Titan
5) Warhammer Titan

Normal Titan

Eren first titan image, Eren titan wallpaper

Eren initially did not have any Titans forms, but when eren’s father Grisha Yeager attacks the Royal Family to take the Founding Titan and after he gains the power of the Fountain Titan after few moment later Grisha Yeager gives Eren’s the key to his basement and tells him to go  that basement once and after that Grisha injects Eren with a Titan serum, and that a result is eren becomes a Titan for the first time and after that he eats his father.

Power of Titan – Heal Ability 

Attack Titan

Attack titan HD wallpaper

Grisha Yeager Eren’s father who already has an Attack Titan. After Grisha Yeager over take the Founding Titan, Eren eats his own father, due to which Eren also receives the Attack Titan, but he did not know that he had a Titan, in season 1 episode 4, Eren was eaten by the titan in fight, leading everyone to believe that Eren is dead, but on Season One Episode 8, when Eren emerges from inside the Attack Titan, Eren and everyone learn that he too can turn into a Titan.

Power of Attack Titan

Attack Titan has a unique power in itself, the current successor of Attack Titan can see the future and the past and can also see the memories of the previous successor of Attack Titan. Attack Titan has the power to heal themselves like all Titans do. Attack Titan are up to 15 meters tall and have long hair with green eyes.

Founding Titan

Founding Titan Wallpaper

Initially, when Grisha Yeager injects Titan Serum to Eren, then Grisha has both Attack Titan and Founding Titan together. After injecting the Titan Serum to Eren, Eren eats his father, after which he gets Attack Titan and  Founding Titan as well early on.  But no one knew that Eren was the Founding Titan except the Royal Family.

Power of Founding Titan

The Founding Titan has the power to control all the Titans, but it only works if the Founding Titan’s successor has royal blood. The height of the Founding Titan can be 60 meters and this height also depends on its successor.

Pure Founding Titan

Eren pure Founding Titan

From the starting Eren had Attack Titan and founding Titan, but Eren was unable to use the power of founding Titan because eren is not comes from pure blood, but in Season 4 Part 2 eren mets his elder brother Zeke Yeager because zeke has pure blood and the end of season 4 part 2, eren use power the of founding Titan to start rumbling.

Power of Pure Founding

Pure Founding Titan has a unique ability like it can control all titans and founder can also create unique titans and with the help of Founding Titan the successor can connect and talk to all subjects of Ymir.

War Hammer Titan

Eren Warhammer titan

The War Hammer Titan was inherited by Lara Tabyur, but if you remember, in Season 4 Part 1 Episode 6, when Eren attacks a meeting at Marley’s, the Warhammer Titan tries to stop Eren, but with the help of Jaw Titan, Eren eats Lara who had inherits the Warhammer Titan, resulting is Eren received Warhammer Titan as well.

Power of War Hammer Titan

Warhammer Titan can make manipulation structure in a very short time to stop his opponent and he can make any weapon by himself. The Warhammer Titan has very tough skin and can be up to 15 meters in length.

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