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Shinchan Movie Kaanta Laga in Hindi

Shinchan Movie Kaanta Laga

Shinchan movie kaanta Laga is the last movie till this time released in India after 2017 till now 13 movies of shinchan have been released in India.
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Shinchan Movie Kaanta Laga

Information of Movie

Movie Name – クレヨンしんちゃん オラの引越し物語 サボテン大襲撃
[ Shinchan Movie Kaanta Laga ]
Directed By – Masakazu Hashimoto
Written by – Ueno Kimiko
Release Date in Japan – 18 April 2015
Released Date in Inida – 30 April 2017
Distributed by Toho
Duration – 104 Minutes [ 1 Hours 44 Minutes ]
Quality – 480p, 720p, 1080p
Languages – Japanese, Hindi, English
Box Office Collection – US$ 28.4 Million [ JPY 2.29 Billion ]

Plot of Movie – Everything was going normal in Shinchan’s family one day Shinchan’s father Hiroshi gets a promotion, due to which Hiroshi had to go to Mexico, and Hiroshi is made the manager of the Mexico branch there. Hiroshi had to go to Mexico alone, but Shinchan’s family was not ready for this, so they decide that Shinchan’s entire family will go to Mexico.

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Shinchan Movie

Shinchan’s farewell is also celebrated in school, the day comes when shinchan and his family had to go to Mexico everyone is very sad because Shinchan’s family was leaving Japan. All Shinchan’s neighbors and Shinchan’s friend take a group photo. Shinchan’s family leaves japan. when Shinchan’s family reaches Mexico, Hiroshi goes to meets the mayor of Mexico city regarding the contract, but the mayor of Mexico city does not give the contract to 

Shinchan’s father, due to which Hiroshi gets very upset. One day a fair is held in Mexico city, which the whole family of shinchan goes to see. There is a very dangerous thing in that fair the cactus is start eating all the people, due to which people of the whole city start running here and there, saving their life. somehow to save himself, Shinchan’s family comes to a restaurant where many people are already present, they were also avoiding the cactus.

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Crayon Shinchan Movie

But that restaurant is also attacked by the cactus, then we see that they somehow escape and come in a bus which is about to leave Mexico city, but a short distance away, that bus also becomes an accident. Because of which the buys overturns and cactus surrounds them, they again somehow escape from there saving their lives but shinchan gets separated from his family but after some time shinchan can meet his family and now they come to know that how these cactus can be destroyed, then we see that a very big balloon is filled with water and because of that balloon, they destroyed those cactus, all the people are saved and we see the transfer of Shinchan’s after again from Mexico to Japan and shinchan comes back to his country japan.

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