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List of Shinchan Movies Released In India

Shinchan Movies in India

Shinchan’s 13 movies have been released in India so far. Shinchan’s first movie was released in India on 17 October 2009. Today in this post we will give you information about all these movies, so let’s start the post.

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Shinchan Movie List in India

1) Shinchan Movie Treasure of the Buri Buri Kingdom

Movie Plot – Prince Sunnokeshi of Buri-Buri Kingdom gets kidnapped by several men. The King orders Sunnokeshi’s personal guard Ruru to search for Sunnokeshi.

Released Date in India – 17 October 2008 [ Hungama TV ]

2) Shinchan in Action Kamen Vs Higure Rakshas

Movie Plot – Action Mask’s ‘Action Stone’ has been robbed by Leotard Devil (originally named Higure). Without the Action Stone, he cannot return to his world.
Released Date in India – 29 August 2010 [ Hungama TV ]

3) Shinchan: Bungle in the Jungle

Movie Plot – Shinnosuke and his parents including Shiro along with his friends and families go on a cruise to for several days to meet the actor of the character Action Kamen and watch the latest film of Action Kamen.

Released Date in India – 1 April 2011 [ Theaters ] 22 May 2011 [ Hungama TV ]

4) Shinchan Movie: Adventures in Henderland

Movie Plot – A prince named Gorman fought with a dragon to save Henderland’s princess Mimori, but got captured by the evil magic of Joma and Makao (who are dolls).

Released Date in India – 18 December 2011 [ Hungama TV ]

5) Shinchan in Dark Tama Thrilling Chase

Movie Plot – Shinnosuke and his dog Shiro discovers an unconscious man near the lake while walking in the afternoon, where he picks a shiny ball lying next to the man.

Released Date in India – 17 June 2012 [ Hungama TV ]

6) Shinchan Movie: The Golden Sword

Movie Plot – At that time, Shinnosuke bought the “Action Sword”, Action Kamen’s new toy, in the department store he visits often. When he opened the box back home, however, it was accidentally mispackaged as an action Sword ruler.

Released Date in India – 26 January 2013 [ Hungama TV ]

7) Shinchan Movie The Spy

Movie Plot – Shinnosuke meets a girl called Lemon who carries a message from his hero Action Mask. The two of them become spies and infiltrate the laboratory of the evil Dr. Hegaderu.

Released Date in India – 8 June 2013 [ Hungama TV ]

8) Shinchan The Movie Villain aur Dulhan

Movie Plot – In the future, a grown-up Shinchan is turned to stone by his to-be fiancĂ© (Tamiko Kaneari)’s father. Distressed by Shinchan’s fate, she travels to the past via a time machine in order to get 5-year old Shinchan

Released Date in India – 28 September 2013 [ Hungama TV ]

9) Shinchan The Movie Himawari Banegi Rajkumari

Movie Plot – Shinnosuke Nohara, and his sister Himawari, have a fight over a plate of custard. Suddenly, two mysterious men appear in green clothing and hats bearing sunflower emblems (Himawari means “sunflower” in Japanese).

Released Date in India – 22 March 2014 [ Hungama TV ]

10) Shinchan Masala Story The Movie

Movie Plot – Misae reveals that she was planning a massive tasty dinner for that night, and to save money for it, she was cutting costs on breakfast. That elates all of them.

Released Date in India – 21 June 2014 [ Hungama TV ]

11) Shinchan in Very Very Tasty Tasty

Movie Plot – In the story, Shinchan and the Kasukabe Defense Group members were supposed to go to the B-class Gourmet Carnival. Just then, a mysterious person asked Shinchan to deliver a sauce to the carnival.

Released Date in India – 19 July 2014 [ Hungama TV ]

12) Shinchan Movie: Robot Dad

Movie Plot – They could not believe their eyes at first, but finally Misae understood that the robot is Hiroshi. But she doesn’t let him take into the house. Hiroshi had to sleep in Shiro’s house.

Released Date in India – 24 October 2015 [ Hungama TV ]

13) Shinchan Movie: Kaanta Lagaa

Movie Plot – Hiroshi is ordered to collect the fruit of cactus and is transferred to Mexico. So, Nohara family is forced to move to Mexico and live there.

Released Date in India – 30 April 2017 [ Hungama TV ]


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