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45 Unknown Facts About Shinchan | Shinchan Facts

Unknown Facts About Shinchan

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Shinchan Facts

1) Shinchan Full Name is ” Shinnosuke Shin Nohara ” and ” Shinchan is nickname of Shinchan.
2) Shinchan Loves to flirting with adult girls who have long legs.
3) In 2008 Shinchan was banned in India.
4) Miase Nohara is 29 years old.
5) Hiroshi Nohara is 35 years old.
6) Hiroshi Nohara has a elder brother whose name is ” Semashi Nohara ” And he live with his parents. but Semashi Nohara only feature in manga.


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Future Shinchan
7) In Shinchan Movie Villain Vs Dulhan ( Super Dimension! The Storm Called My Bride ) Shinchan is 25 years old in future and Himawari is 20 years old.
8) In future Nene become teacher in futaba kindergarten.
9) Kazama always imagine that he is the leader of Kasukabe Defense Group.
10) Shinchan’s house is blast by gas leaking and after they shift in old apartment.
11) Yosinaga is 24 years old and she marry with Ishizaka.
12) Ume Matsuzaka is 24 years old and she’s boyfriend is doctor toku.
13) Doctor toku is 26 years old.
14) Yoshiji Koyama is grandfather of Shinchan and father of misty and he is 63 years old and he is retired teacher.
15) Shinchan’s Grandmother name is Hisae Koyama.
16) Nizu Suzuki is the sister of Bo-chan and she is only appear in manga.


17) Bo-Chan’s mother is only appear in only mange.
18) Shinchan’s Father is Assistant Manger.
19) Ginnosuke Nohara is Hiroshi’s father and Shinchan’s Grandfather and he is 65 years old.


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Shinchan And Nanako
20) Nanako Ohara is only real crush of Shinchan.
21) Nanako is collage student and she wanted to become kindergarten Teacher.
22) Shinchan was born on 5th May.
23) In 2006 Shinchan first time released in india.
24) At present time almost 28 movies of Shinchan release in japan.
25) Yonro is 23 years old.
26) Yonro is working in supermarket as a part-time job.
27) Masao’s Nickname is onigiri because his head like rice ball.
28) Masao and kazama always tries to impress Ai-Chan.
29) Shiro’s parent is borscht, a female dog.
30) The real owner of shiro is Run. Run is a young girl that look like Shinchan and only feature in manga.
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Micchi And Yoshirin

31) Micchi Hatogaya is 4 years elder in compares to Yoshirin. Micchi is 26 years old and Yohirin is 22 years old.

32) Matsu Matsuzaka is a elder sister of Ume Matsuzaka. she is 28 years old she look like Ume Matsuzaka.
33) Nohara family is middle class.
34) Kazama’s dad work in USA.


35) Miase Nohara Loves discounts and sells.
36) Shinchan Loves to eat chochocips.
37) Kazama Family is very rich.
38) Shinchan’s teacher Masumi Ageo is 23 years old.
39) Shinchan’s Principal name is Bunta Takaura.
40) All Shinchan horror episode are started by Principle Sir.
41) Buriburizaemon is only the imagination of Shinchan but after some time it was included in Shinchan episode.
42) After Shinchan, Yonro tries to impress Nanako.
43) Himawari was born on 27th September.
44) In India the first movie of Shinchan is released on 17th October 2008.
45) The first movie of Shinchan is released on 23 April 1994 in japan.


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