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Who Is Mysterious Girl Shinko In Shinchan >> Shinchan

Who Is Mysterious Girl Shinko In Shinchan

Shinko Is a part of Shinchan series but shinko is very mysterious girl in Shinchan series. sometime shinko’s behavior is very unnatural. Same theory are prove that shinko is future Himawari or shinko is daughter of Shinchan. but today in this post I will explain you who is mysterious girl shinko so without wasting time let’s start todays post.

Mysterious Girl Shinko Is Himawari

So first of all we know shinko is very mysterious girl. But do you know shinko have time machine and shinko is time traveler. So Guys if you think how shinko have time machine so let me explain.

shinchan, himawari with time machine
Himawari With Time Machine

1) You Guys are watch the movie of Shinchan ( Shinchan Movie Villain Aur Dulhan ) In the last part of this movie we see Shinchan travel in back to there present time. and we see that Shinchan have time machine in there hand and after all Shinchan comes to there house. and we see Himawari got the time machine of Shinchan and playing with them. and maybe when Himawari turns 5 years old, she comes back to the past by using time machine.

shinchan cartoon, shinchan with time machine

2) Guys, if I tell you about the second theory, then if you have seen those episodes of Shinchan in which Shinchan time travel with the help of his toilet, yes guys Shinchan’s toilet is also a time machine in a way. So it may be that when Himawari turns 5 years old, she knows that the toilet is the time machine and Himawari travels in time using the toilet ( Time Machine ) and comes to the past. And in Shinchan season 12 episode no. 38 we see when Shinko is leave Shinchan’s house then she goes to the Shinchan’s toilet and we see a lot of light passing in toilet and shinko is disappears from there it clearly means that shinko can travel in time and she comes from future and mysterious girl shinko is real Himawari.

3) As we all know Himawari loves jewelry very much and along with this we see shinko also likes jewelry’s very much both of them have the same choice.

 4) When Shinko is feature for the first time in the Shinchan series we see that Shinchan was playing near the river with shiro, then shinko is comes to Shinchan and Shinchan mistakenly assume shinko is Himawari, and says Himawari you over here but shinko tells to Shinchan. I’m not Himawari I’m shinko.

5) In the episode of Shinchan we see in Japanese version shinko many times call Shinchan as ani in Japanese ani means brother so it may be because shinko is Himawari.

6) A lots of theories are prove that shinko is a daughter of Shinchan because of in future Shinchan marry with Tamika and the first name of Shinchan ( shin ) and the last name of Tamika ( ko ) makes the name of shin-ko that means Shinko is the daughter of Tamika and Shinchan.

7) Shinko has two puppies like Shiro Maybe the two puppies in the future will be Shiro’s kids and maybe when Shinko travels from the future to the past she brings shiro’s kids with her.

So guys these are the theories that are proof shinko is Himawari or daughter of Shinchan but actually we all know that there is not officially announced that shinko is Himawari or daughter of Shinchan. Maybe in future the studio of Shinchan share the details of shinko so comment your favorite point.

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