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Shinchan Last Episode – Shinchan Cartoon

Shinchan Last Episode – The Final Part

Shinchan Last Episode  

About Shinchan Series – Shinchan is manga based anime which is written by ” Yoshito Usni ” After some time Shinchan mange converted into animation series.

About Shinchan – Shinchan is a main character in the Shinchan Series Shinchan is 5 years old and he is very naughty child. He Studies in Futaba Kinder garden School in Nursery. Shinchan Lives Kasukabe town. His mischief makes many people in trouble. Shinchan’s birthday is on 5th may, and Shinchan wear a red t-shirt and yellow pants Shinchan is very fond of his mother and father. Shinchan’s younger sister is Himawari

Shinchan Last Episode

Guys, you must have seen a lot of videos on YouTube, in which it is told that Shinchan is dead, then it is true and false, then let me tell you the story of Shinchan, in which Shinchan dies. Which you get to see on YouTube.

Story Line Of Shinchan Last Episode

shinchan last episode, shinchan
Shinchan Nohara

We see Shinchan Shinchan’s mom Shinchan’s father and Himawari Everyone goes to the supermarket to shop That’s when we see everyone are shopping only when they are shopping. Himawari reaches the road and playing and the car is coming from the front Shinchan sees Himawari on the road when he comes on the road to save his sister and suddenly the car crushes Shinchan and Himawari and Shinchan and Himawari die, then this story is on YouTube.  Will get to see, but let me tell you, this story is totally Fake.


In fact, the writer of the Shinchan was Yoshito Usui, he wrote the Shinchan show, so that he could live like Shinchan, if he were like Shinchan, he would do mischief like Shinchan in childhood, then Yoshito in his childhood In memory, Shinchan wrote that if he were a little child like Shinchan he would be very mischievous like Shinchan again but Yoshito die which is why we see that Yoshito never writes any last episode of Shinchan. After TV Asahi gets very confused because at that time Shinchan became very famous, then he could not interrupt the Shinchan show, which is why TV Asahi pushed that show forward.  For the information of you guys, let me tell you that no last episode of Shinchan has been made yet

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